Birmingham Broadband Boost

Birmingham City Council is aiming to use it's assets including 230 tower blocks, 95,000 lamp posts and other buildings to help tackle digital exclusion by creating a wireless network with speeds exceeding 3G, Birmingham council seeks £125m broadband network deal, Birmingham council aims to deploy £125m city-wide wireless broadband network.

The city council has advertised for a private company to help develop the six year contract for the network estimated to be worth £125m aimed at tackling digital exclusion.

The improvements planned for Birmingham come at the same time as a focus by the UK Government on supporting rural communities with access to broadband internet connections together with Rural communities to benefit from £8bn broadband funding from the European Commission.


Andrew said…
I think this is a real problem for business travellers in Birmingham. What is the point in paying for our 3g kindles/ipads and not being able to use them because of "insufficient network coverage"!

It can be really frustrating, especially if you have an urgent email to send or something like that - especially in this day and age when information is urgent and the speed of a reply needs to be instant. I travel to Brimingham alot for business and have been caught out a few times. I tend to stay in a birmingham serviced apartment as I find that more convenient and usually you have wifi in the apartment, but as soon as you step outside it can be like a black hole. Do you know when this is happening? If the city council intend to carry this out still?

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