New Street Station redevelopment spring 2012 update

 Here is an update on the redevelopment of New Street Station from March and April 2012.  Work is rapidly progressing on the steel structure to hold the stainless steel cladding on Stephenson Street while away from public view work is also taking place on the new passageway that will run through the former Newt pub linking Stephenson Street to the new walkway behind the Odeon.

Supports for the new square that will be constructed over the platforms at the front of the station.

The new offices adjacent to platform one with glazing now being installed.

Work on the former access to the service tunnel which will be used to provide base for the new escalators to the new concourse.

Work continuing on roof

Preparation work for the new entrance.

The deconstruction of Stephenson Tower has cleared the site for the new John Lewis store with work due to start on the construction of the new 155,000 sq ft store which is expected to be completed in 2014. The 22 storey 61m tall Tower block was opened in 1966 but was brought down within a scaffold wrap which saw over 7,000 tonnes of concrete removed by Keltbray of which around 95% of the material will be recycled,,

The site of Stephenson Tower, the site of the new John Lewis Store.

Structure on Stephenson Street for the stainless steel cladding.

Work on the new passageway cutting through the former Newt pub.

Work is now becoming increasingly visible and will continue to be more noticeable as the first half of the redevelopment, the first half of the new station concourse, aims to open to passengers over Christmas 2012 and the new John Lewis store is constructed.


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