Refurbishing views - NIA public exhibition

Following the announcement in October 2011 that the National Indoor Arena (NIA) would be undergoing a refurb, £20 million NIA refurbishment, the public will be able to share their views at an exhibition on the plans,

The public exhibition will be held at the ICC on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May ahead of a planning application for the redevelopment.  The exhibition,, will show the £20m plans with models of the proposals together with representatives who will be able to answer any questions.

The redevelopment follows hot on the heels of the £29m refurbishment of the NEC arena which became the LG Arena, NEC heads LG.  The plans will see the venue extend towards the canal being enclosed by roof-height glazed panels and a series of sky needles to help locate the arean on the skyline.  The redevelopment will also see an increase in seats between 500 - 1000 more.

The plans will be drawn up for September with planning permission sought so that work can begin shortly afterwards with work estimated to take 18 months and be completed by autumn 2014.  The venue will not be closed during the refurb.

The plans have been drawn up by architects Broadway Malyan and the following indicative images reproduced from Broadway Malyan show the proposed changes.

The redeveloped arena will, like the NEC Arena renamed the LG Arena, see a corporate sponsor and a new name, NIA, A Barclaycard Unwind Experience, in a five year naming rights deal with Barclaycard,  The deal with Barclaycard will see it become the official payment partner for The Ticket Factory, the LG Arena, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and the NIA.  Perhaps time will see it retitled in a similar snappy way like the LG Arena to the Barclaycard NIA rather than the long winded, NIA, A Barclaycard Unwind Experience.


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