Moor space at Moor Street

The £13m revamp of Moor Street Station and the £250 mainline upgrade project, Start of the Line, has seen a significant increase in passengers at the station, Passengers flocking to Moor Street Station after £13m makeover.

The improvements, notably in speed but also improved carriages, capacity and free wi-fi have seen passenger numbers increase by 33 per cent.  Carriage refurbishment and new trains have seen an extra 2,160 seats every week on morning peak services to London from Birmingham. 

Chiltern’s commercial director Thomas Ableman said: “Passenger numbers are up by 33 per cent – the business is a third larger which, for a train company, is absolutely remarkable.  “This is an unprecedented level of growth. We have spent £250 million on the upgrade, around £7 million on new carriages and £800,000 on wi-fi and it has all paid off.”

The concourse on 9 November.

The improvements and investment in the station and line, which Chiltern will operate as franchise operators until 2021, contrasts markedly with the recent franchise tendering for the competing West Coast Main Line.  

The station and it's increasing success should provide a further enticement to Network Rail and it's CP5 investment and work programme to invest in the Camp Hill Chords,  No stop for Moseley.  These rail viaducts would allow services into Moor Street using new stations at Kings Heath and Moseley but also allow existing services to be re-routed into Moor Street away from congested New Street Station.  With the station sitting adjacent to the site of the proposed new High Speed rail extension's terminus station together with benefitting from improvements to the pedestrian route to adjacent New Street Station Moor Street could become a significant part of a transport super hub which could start a city wide integrated transport provision.  Transport provision city wide remains stubbornly un-coordinated but improvements to the bus network and city centre Bus Interchanges, the Interconnect project improving pedestrian accessibility through the city and the extension of the Midland Metro to the Western side of the station offer the first glimpses of the improvements needed to transform the city.


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