New Start in Motion - New Street Station switchover

While Sunday marked the switchover of concourses at New Street Station, which seems to have been a huge success not least through the efforts of station champions pointing people to the new entrances, Monday 29 April provided a key test with the arrival of commuters through the new concourse.

The facility was handed over to the station management team at 06:30am on Sunday morning. In preparation for the first train arrival at 08:30am, the doors to the newly transformed station then opened at 07:30am with 130,000 people expected to use the new ticket, retail and station concourse each day. 

With the help of the volunteers with fingers pointing the way to the new entrances and exits commuters will have used the station for the first time on Monday.

With the focus on the new concourse and helping people acquaint themselves with the new layout there's no rest for the project and construction professionals behind the hoardings where Phase Two will start with the soft strip demolition of the remaining former rail concourse.  Work will begin on this soft strip demolition and service diversions while cladding to the perimeter and work for the atrium roof continues.

For those who've noticed that new fresh and not quite finished look to the new concourse there is a 100 day plan to close out all the remaining works associated with phase one of the project,

The following pictures were taken on Monday 29 April to try and capture how the station with it's new entrances and routes provides a beating transport heart to the city.

More pictures on my flickr set: New Street Motion


Which way to the platforms

Which way?

Enter the tunnel

Linking up

Mirroring walk

Concourse switch


Anonymous said…
30th April, since Sunday three new self service ticket machines have been installed on the unpaid concourse by the ramp, and six much needed cash machines are now operational in between the two Pallasades escalators. Talking of escalators, not sure when the escalators serving platforms 1b and 12b from the new paid concourse will be brought into service.
Anonymous said…
4th May, signage is up at new Starbucks at the Hill Street end of the unpaid and new paid concourses and workmen in there, along with quite a lot of Starbucks furniture. May be open in a week. No signs of life at any other of the retail units, Delice de France, Uppercrust, Camden, Pasty Shop, Mi Casa as yet.
Anonymous said…
9th May, things have really happened in five days. Starbucks ready to open - surprised that Camden and MiCasa are almost complete too. Upper Crust has hoardings around it and Delice de France has workmen inside. Starbucks possibly open by weekend but still unsure as to whether the Starbucks in the Pallasades will close as the new one opens with developers now turning to creating Grand Central. Outside entrance to old concourse the floor is going onto the steel joists to create new walkway between old Costa and new undercroft by cycle racks at the end of the green walk. To nick a line from Berkoff: Birmingham, it's evolving!
Anonymous said…
11th May, NOW OPEN Starbucks, Mi Casa, Camden. Signage up at Delice de France and workmen still inside at Upper Crust, however couldn't see any visible signs of life in the Pasty Shop as yet. All three units still open on the old concourse, as are Starbucks in the Pallasades. Some new illustrated hoardings have appeared in the new Stephenson Street entrance and outside the old entrance telling us what we can expect in 2015. Old concourse still untouched in 2 weeks, apart from the odd cherry picker in place.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that the new concorse still doesn't have automatic ticket barriers - they've been in use at Moor St and Snow Hill for a few years now, and this seemed like the ideal time to bring them to New St. I'm sure they will eventually, but given that little 'pods' have appeared for the manual inspectors, it's not looking imminent - do we have to wait until 2015 for this revolution?
Simon Felton said…
Yeah they will go in closer to the 2015 station completion.

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