New Street Station May 2013 update

As we approach the first month anniversary of the opening of the new concourse at New Street Station 
work continues on the former concourse while commuters continue to use the new concourse adjacent to it.  Steelwork for the new John Lewis store continues to rise while work on the new Bullring facing square also takes place.

With approximately 18 months until the opening of the new John Lewis store the new store manager has been appointed,  New store manager Kim Lowe will bring a wealth of experience from her time in Glasgow and with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. 

Here are some pictures showing work progressing around the station from the 21 - 23 May 2013.  

Stephenson Street

The former escalators from the Pallasades shopping centre to the former concourse now boarded off.

The new John Lewis Store

And comparison of work to what the finished store should look like.

The new public square facing the bullring with the outline of the new station exterior visible.  A CGI image, reproduced from Network Rail, shows this curved section looking from the Bullring.

The retained section of former concourse with the former exit out of the paid concourse towards the escalators to the Pallasades shopping centre in the second picture now covered to allow work to take place.


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