Squaring - Library of Birmingham July Update II B

The new Library of Birmingham has received a musical endorsement ahead of it's opening with Rizzle Kicks performing four songs live, including their new single 'Lost Generation', on the secret garden Seventh Floor Terrace of the new library.

The gig was organised by Free Radio and ten lucky listeners and their guests who won tickets to the show saw Rizzle Kicks with the performance aired on Friday morning's Foxy & Giuliano breakfast show which was was broadcase live from the the Third Floor Terrace overlooking Centenary Square and the new garden.

The event is the first of many musical accompaniments to the new library with the forthcoming four squares event set to add dance and music to welcome the arrival of the new library.

Meanwhile the Ikon Gallery's Real Birmingham Family Competition has reached the final four with four prospective family of Birmingham contenders to be revealed in at BBC Birmingham's Mailbox home on 5 August, http://www.birminghampost.co.uk/incoming/four-families-running-statue-outside-5323720.  The winning family, a 21st century view of the modern family which saw nominations as diverse as neighbours, blend of races and a single mum, will be made into a bronze statue to be placed in front of the new library next year.

Since my preceding post, Squaring - Library of Birmingham July Update II, the green space fronting the new Library has seen the addition of sculptural artwork with the two towers that inspired Tolkien represented and a green deck chair offering an inviting spot to read a book outside the library.  Meanwhile the hoardings around the REP have come down and the square moves ever closer to being ready to welcome everyone and just over a month till it provides a green carpet entrance to the new Library of Birmingham.

The following pictures show the square and REP from 26 July with the new artwork.


BrumIdeas said…
I do believe I saw you taking these photos from a distance as I was coming out of the Friday Jazzlines gig! I never noticed the green deckchair - like it very much! Will strike a psychological chord with generations of Brummie holidaymakers in Weston!!

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