Making Moseley

Protecting the nature of Moseley has been an important aim of the Moseley Community Development Trust, founded in 2001, which aims to support the regeneration of the neighbourhood,  In collaboration with the City Council a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been drafted to provide guidance on the future of the 'village' and wider area to enable regeneration and the area to prosper,  The draft document is the first community led SPD and will replace the existing 1992 Moseley Local Action Plan.

The Trust worked in 2010 to develop a public consultation and as many ideas were included in the draft SPD which was opened to public consultation in 2013, 

The consultation in 2010 highlighted a range of projects that local people wanted to see and these ideas have been put together by local community groups into a draft document called the Moseley Regeneration Strategy.  On the 5th April there will be a discussion to review, update and help deliver the projects in the strategy with the help of local residents and traders. 

Moseley has never been a neighbourhood where people have waited for things to happen. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of Moseley. We hope that local people will take the lead, form groups or join existing ones to help deliver elements of the strategy.

The discussion will look at topics such as the local economy, historic environments, traffic and highways and leisure and open spaces.   

The strategy can be accessed at: Moseley Regeneration Strategy but should be read alongside the SPD which can be accessed at: Moseley Supplementary Planning Document 2013.

The event takes place at the Moseley Exchange.

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