1001 love's to Birmingham

My last blog post was my 1000th since I first started blogging in 2008.  Now in my ninth year blogging, it seems there's so much to blog about and so little time with news and announcements about Birmingham's regeneration and transformation being made by the hour.  Since my first blog post there's been a plethora of new fans and fellow bloggers, photographers and writers helping to celebrate the city so I can feel a little less guilty at not trying to cover all of the transformation.

Birmingham is my adopted home, having moved here in 2001 to study at the University of Birmingham.  It's a city easy to fall in love with, even accounting for it's penchant for demolition and rebuilding.

A city is more than it's buildings and structure, though Birmingham's are interesting, it is the people who give those buildings their story, character and history.  Birmingham is a city of contrasts and this makes the city richer.  Growing out of trade and industry and now with youth and creativity the city's coat of arms featuring a blacksmith representing industry and an artist representing art

My blog has developed over time from updates on construction and regeneration news to photos from my developing interest in photography.

One thing remains in my blog throughout and that is a passion to celebrate the amazing city and the regeneration that it continues to go through.  A motto of Forward is appropriate for a city that has never stopped moving and which will continue to change over the decades to come.

Thank you all for reading these past 1000 posts and for the past eight years.  Here's to the next 1000 posts and to Birmingham and it's people.  The people of Birmingham give the buildings and regeneration that takes place a vigour that inspires so many to want to make the place better.


Anonymous said…
Nice one, Simon. As you say 'Heres to the next 1000'. Birmingham is also my adopted home, having moved here in 2000, so we've seen more-or-less exactly the same series of changes. I love this city too, and have really enjoyed watching the re-developments and engaging with its history.

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