HSBC Birmingham HQ construction January 2017 Update

Construction work continues at a pace on the new HSBC UK headquarters as The Telegraph reports that demand from current employees to work at the new office has seen twice the number of applicants to job roles,

Antonio Simoes, chief executive of HSBC Bank, revealed that he has received 1,300 applications from existing members of staff from other parts of the bank for the 650 outstanding vacancies at its new UK headquarters in the city.

With regular announcements about new restaurants, the developing Calthorpe Village attracting lifestyle furniture companies and new residential developments no wonder so many employees are attracted by the quality of life Birmingham offers.

The following photos show construction work since my last update on the 9th December,

11 January 2017

21 December 2016


Madison said…
Very interesting, thanks for sharing details about the reconstruction. It is great that the new developments are enlivening the city and creating thriving new places for people to live and new jobs as well. Looking forward to seeing how the developments progress!

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