Birmingham Central at Ten

How time flies.  Ten years ago in April 2008 I started this blog to capture the development of Birmingham and West Midlands.  I was still attempting to find my way into regeneration and development having studied an MSc in Urban Regeneration at the University of Birmingham and captivated, as I still am, by the developments around Birmingham.

The Cube which is now a landmark on the Birmingham skyline started construction in 2007 and it was one of the first projects I watched and captured on film or memory card.  The photo below shows the excavation work to build The Cube .

As a first year undergraduate at the University of Birmingham in 2001 I saw the demolition of the old Bull Ring and birth of the new in 2003 which will celebrate its 15th Birthday this year.

As my blog has developed so has my understanding and experience as I finally entered into a career in regeneration, development and housing.  Alongside my own development Birmingham has transformed and blossomed, gaining in confidence and opportunities to give the citizens of the city a chance to create a city of 1,001 opportunities.

While i've tried to capture developments, the sheer amount of development and work commitments meant i've not always been able to follow all of them but I try and capture a changing city.  The blog has given me chance to capture the changing city but also share my developing photography experience.  The photo below is one of my photos showing both the city but the people that make the exciting place it is and add life to the rich mixture of architecture.

Thank you for visiting and sharing my love of the changing face of Birmingham.



Dave said…
Thank you for your excellent blog. I have been following you for s few years now and as an expat Brummie your blog has become a wonderful way for me to stay in touch with the constantly changing city that I love.

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