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Thanks for visiting my blog.  It's a labour of love and something that I hope reflects my passion for all things Birmingham and its ongoing regeneration.  I completed an MSc in Urban Regeneration, Research and Policy at the University of Birmingham in 2005 with the aim of a career in regeneration and planning but it wasn't at that time accredited with the Royal Town Planning Institute, RTPI.  I've made my way towards regeneration and into housing.

I use this blog as a forum to help record Birmingham's development and to discuss the changes and whether they change people's lives and help to improve Birmingham.

In my Masters' degree we were lucky enough to be engaged with RegenWM, the regeneration skills body which closed following the abolition of regional development body Advantage West Midlands, and it's aim shared by local and national bodies engaged in regeneration is one that drives me in my aim to get involved in helping to shape Birmingham, that of Changing Places, Transforming Lives.

While Birmingham remains my central passion in regeneration, the broader aims of Changing Places, Transforming Lives underpins my interest in building, planning, design and architecture.  For me though, Birmingham with it's youthful and diverse population, rich heritage and a can-do attitude which has seen it transform from the workshop of the world to a city of a 1001 opportunities, offers an opportunity to put the words changing places, transforming lives into reality.

Please feel free to comment, suggest or critique my posts as all feedback and ideas and suggestions are gratefully received. 


lee said…
Fantastic blog; well written, very well reaearched and passionate!

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