Changing Times - The Crosscountry service for 2009

November last year saw Crosscountry publish it's Timetable Consultation for 2009 (

This details Arriva's plans for the franchise which runs until 2016. Birmingham being the heart of the network retains the centre of operations being 'the heart of the franchise and the largest city within it'.

Key benefits of the new franchise are as follows:
More seats for passengers
> 35 per cent more seats on evening peak services by June 2009;
> an extra 20,000 seats through Birmingham every weekday;
> specially refurbished High Speed Trains (HSTs) each providing 550 seats;
> more seats on Voyagers and more seats on the Turbostar fleet.
A ticketing and information revolution
> a new internet retailing service with a print at home facility;
> personalised journey information guiding passengers to the cheapest fares and best interchange options;
> a flexible reservations system and improved information;
> additional staffing to provide assistance during the introduction of the 2009 timetable.
High quality service on board
> at-seat catering;
> Wi-fi access and quality mobile reception;
> First class accommodation on all trains;
> more accessible and visible staff.
A greener railway
> staff trained in environmentally friendly ways of working;
> increased recycling;
> development of alternative fuels in conjunction with Arriva;
> provision of a high quality service with more trains and more seats, encouraging more people to choose rail.
Safety first
> development and pilot for the rail industry of a new ‘Secure Trains Scheme,’ giving passengers confidence in their
on-board security;
> extension of Secure Station Accreditation across key CrossCountry calling points in conjunction with industry
> additional security staff.

The Crosscountry network is based around six routes.
1. Route 1: Plymouth to Edinburgh via Exeter, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle.
2. Route 2: Reading to Newcastle via Birmingham and Doncaster.
3. Route 3: Bristol to Manchester via Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent.
4. Route 4: Bournemouth to Manchester via Reading, Coventry, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent.
5. Route 5: Cardiff and Birmingham to Nottingham via Gloucester, Birmingham and Derby.
6. Route 6: Birmingham to Leicester and Stansted Airport via Nuneaton, Leicester, Peterborough, Ely and Cambridge.

The following map shows stations on the Crosscountry network that will be served in 2009.



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