Birmingham and Coventry to help shape Electric future

The government has announced the largest coordinated trial of environmentally friendly vehicles, UK powers up plans for world's largest electric car trial, with Birmingham and Coventry one of eight areas around the country to take part in the £25 million scheme aimed at accelerating the introduction of electric vehicles.

The scheme will provide 340 vehicles to qualifying members of the public from the end of the year with power companies, regional development agencies and universities coordinating the experiments and building the infrastructure.

Mercedes-Benz will make 100 of its latest electric Smart cars available in the west Midlands and in London."We're asking the public to come forward and apply to be one of the drivers of these vehicles," said Dermot Kelly, managing director of Mercedes-Benz cars.

The project includes West Midlands based Jaguar Land Rover and Coventry-based taxi manufacturer LTI and will involve coordination between Birmingham and Coventry City Councils, Eon and Birmingham and Aston Universities. The West Midlands scheme will be titled CABLED - Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators ,

The West Midland's involvement in the project continues the innovative history of the region and the recent work by the University of Birmingham, announced in 2008, on opening the first Hydrogen fuelling station, Birmingham University opens England's first hydrogen fuelling station. That project aims to use hydrogen energy as a green fuel and was developed in collaboration with the University of Warwick.


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