Keeping Chase

Aboutmyarea has reported on Chase Line good news following discussions between Centro and London Midland. The talks, announced the week beginning 5th October, resolved the retention of improved half-hourly daytime and hourly evening rail service improvements due to a breakdown in discussions between the Department for Transport, regional transport authority Centro and train operator London Midland. The improvements were only introduced in December 2008, London Midland Chases upgrade, and the meeting has ensured the popular service improvements are retained.

Cannock Chase Council had already agreed in principle with Staffordshire County Council to provide funding towards these new services and was alarmed to discover they were going to be withdrawn. Having resolved the situation the council will be meeting next month to ensure the improvements are not threatened again.

"We must ensure that no similar situation like this happens again. The Council has arranged a meeting next month with key stakeholders to establish why this situation developed and to make sure that we all work together to secure future improvements - and not cutbacks - to the rail service."


Berni Murray said…
these blogs interest me, in particular the developing landscape of Birmingham city. Does the author of the blog have a particular interest in Birmingham
Anonymous said…
The frequency of trains on various routes is a bit hit and miss. It is nice that the Chase Line is prospering, but not far away why is the town of Polesworth so mistreated by its rail masters. The second platform needs a new path to the public road (as it has been stranded since footbridge demolition). Polesworth has one train per day.

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