Shallow end to Olympic Pool

Following the City Council's application for an Olympic size pool, Pool spashes into Planning Committee, and the ongoing question of cost it has emerged that the City Council is now planning on removing a diving pool from the £58 million aquatics centre,
Labour leader goes off deep end over cuts to Birmingham pool plan.

The centre which has been designed with a future Commonwealth Games bid in mind has been revised so that it can be constructed for £30 million. The diving pool has been removed with Council cabinet member for sport Coun Martin Mullaney explaining that diving is an option sport for Commonwealth Games while the fun pool has also been removed due to the cost of running the facility. The removal of the diving pool allows the celing to be lowered and that the pool does not have to be so deep. Coun Mullaney claimes the change has the support of the Amateur Swimming Association.

Funding pressures on the council which is seeking to cut over 7,000 staff to save money have prompted Coun Mullaney to explain that the restoration of Moseley Road Baths has been considered for a Heritage Lottery Grant, as the UK's last remaining Edwardian baths, while Sparkhill Pool could be rebuilt by private sector pool operator and Stechford Cascades would be repaired rather than rebuilt, Birmingham's 20 minute swim.


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