Moseley Meteor hits as Tesco win's planning approval

Following my previous post regarding Birmingham City Council's planning committee being minded to refuse the proposed Tesco for Moseley, Every little helps people power stop Moseley Tesco ... for now, planners gave their approval in a vote on 3rd March which came down to the Chair's casting vote.

As noted in my previous post, with "refusal of planning permission [...] so unreasonable as to be unlawful", planning committee members voted with the chair's casting vote to approve the development.

Six Conservative councillors and one Labour member voted in favour, while three Labour and four Liberal Democrats were against and the chairman’s casting vote was used to pass the application. Handsworth Wood councillor Narinder Kooner was absent from the meeting.

In favour of Tesco
Bob Beauchamp (Cons, Erdington)
Len Clark (Cons, Quinton)
Maureen Cornish (Cons, Sutton Four Oaks)
Adrian Delaney (Cons, Weoley)
Peter Douglas Osborn (Cons, Weoley)
Geoff Sutton (Cons, Kings Norton)
Ian Ward (Lab, Shard End)

Mohammed Fazal (Lab, Springfield)
Daphne Gaved (Lib Dem, South Yardley)
Carol Jones (Lib Dem, Stechford and Yardley North)
Keith Linnecor (Lab, Oscott)
Mike Sharpe (Lab, Tyburn)
Paula Smith (Hall Green)
David Willis (Lib Dem, South Yardley)

Narinder Kooner (Lab, Handsworth Wood)


Anonymous said…
As Daphine Gaved(lost her seat ) and Dave Willis Yardley lib dems voted against Tesco Moseley its a pity they didnt do the same for the one at the Swan Yardley. As Tesco do not need their office space they have done a deal with the Education and another agency to use the buidling for 90 Children age 11 plus who have been suspended etc from normal schools. So we look forward to these delinquents on our doorstep Thanks Tesco

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