Dome closes crescent - Bramall Music Building Tops Out

Acoustic Dimensions blog has reported on the topping out of the Bramall Music Building at the University of Birmingham which has seen the crescent of redbrick buildings in Chancellor's Court completed, Topping out of the long-awaited Bramall Music Building. The music building has reinstated the missing dome, Musical dome to complete Birmingham's redbrick vision, with Glenn Howells Architects following the intent of the other buildings, designed by Sir Aston Webb, in the crescent.

Glenn Howells Architects have worked with Acoustic Dimensions on the project which includes a 450 seat auditorium, domed rehearsal room, music studios and office and teaching space. Acoustic Dimensions have designed a number of special acoustical features (currently unique to this design) to accommodate the large range of uses for the auditorium which include the Electronic Music department, Early Music Performance Research and University Orchestra and 200 person chorus that needs to practice for performances at Symphony Hall,

Photos showing the building from the 30 November are shown below.


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