New Street to Bridge Christmas and Steel for year ahead

With Christmas almost upon us work is speeding up at the New Street Station redevelopment as preparations are made for the installation of the bridge extension for the Navigation Street footbridge and work to remove the old Pallasades Shopping centre link bridge, escalator on Station Street and the installation of a crane outside the front of the station to construct the new public square, The foundations for the new public walkways on the east side of the station’s south entrance will also be built,

The bridge installation was due to take place during the rail network closures during Christmas 2010 but bad weather prevented the safe installation and engineers will be hoping there are no problems this year as Network Rail utilises the two day network and station closure on 25 and 26 December to install the new bridge.

Meanwhile work is continuing on the refurbishment of each platform in turn with Platform 12 reopening as Platform 10 closes for refurbishment. Work will return to Plaform 12 at a later date to install the lifts and escalators to the new concourse above.

Recent research for Network Rail on the value of transport regeneration projects predicts that the New Street Station redevelopment will help to create over 350,000 sq ft of new development to the south of the station and directly deliver up to 3,200 new jobs in the city centre with John Lewis' new store alone creating 650 new jobs,

As well as providing benefits the improvements should help boost Network Rail's retail sales with Birmingham New Street already reporting the third highest upturn in year-on-year sales during Q3 2011, with trading growing 5.8 per cent,

The photos below from the 15 and 17 December show work around the station. The photos of the 15 December show demolition work on the Pallasades shopping centre roof, the metal supports on Stephenson Street ready for the installation of the steel cladding and the continuing deconstruction of Stephenson Tower. The recently installed stairs to the platform level ready for the bridge extension are also visible.
The photos of the 17 December show the removal of the crane helping to deconstruct Stephenson Tower and preparation work at the front of the station ready for a new crane to help construct the new square.

15 December

17 December


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