New Street Station redevelopment update II

Following on from my preceding update on the New Street Station redevelopment works, Half-time switch - New Street Station redevelopment update, here are some pictures showing work from 27 March with just one month to go until part of the new concourse opens and the station switchover allows work to progress on the current concourse.

The scale of the changes will be seen by users on the 28 April with the revelation of the new concourse which is itself one and a half times the size of the old concourse,

Stephenson Street entrance and steel cladding.

John Lewis store and station entrance.
More steelwork has been erected showing the small public area underneath the John Lewis store and route onto the station concourse.

The view towards the new store past public house The Crown.

Car drop off entrance.
This is the entrance to the car drop off on Hill Street.  The drop off occupies the former car park level and is exited onto Navigation Street.

The car drop off exit

Moor Street link
What appears to be the frame for the green wall is being erected while the balusters for the glazed barrier protecting people from the tracks are awaiting the glass panels.


Anonymous said…
The name Birmingham New Street should be ditched in 2015 as it conjures up too many images of a nasty smelly dirty subterranean station welcoming the world to our city. Not only that, it's not actually on New Street, is it?? I think it should be known by the same name as the shopping centre that's currently taking shape above it, Birmingham Grand Central Station. Would suit progressive Brum thinking that we're renowned for! You could put this on your Twitter, Simon to 'test the water' on the idea, as I don't socially network. Thanks, Dave.

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