March towards the eye - New Street update

Following my previous post, The eye has it - New Street Station February Update III, of the 25 February 2013 here is an update from 2 March as I captured the installation of part of the information eye for the new station entrance on Stephenson Street.

Work progressing on the John Lewis store.

The current concourse, soon to close in April, as the station switches concourses to allow the redevelopment of this concourse as the new half opens, New Street Station - January 2013 Update C.


............ said…
Thanks for the update Simon; hope you'll make some sort of archive of images available for future generations. It'll also be great for people like me who have lived through the changing landscape, to look back on in years to come!
Anonymous said…
Totally agree,

These updates, showing the progress being made in New Street station, would make a fantastic photo archive in years to come.

Really enjoy reading your updates. Keep it up.

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