Images to inspire, sounds to captivate...

Titled Images to Inspire the Imagination, international photographer Ken Windsor presents a syndicated photographic exhibition with a series of beautiful pictures which are combined with a music video related to the title of the image.

A beautiful picture of Glasgow's Buchanan Street for example is accompanied by Barbra Streisand singing 'People',, and such a contrast provides inspiration to reflect on the scene and an immersive visual and aural experience.

The following below is a picture titled It's Raining from the exhibition. 

Image reproduced from:

Ken Windsor as well as being photographer and internet journalist is also webmaster for local history author Alton Douglas.  Alton Douglas books provide a fascinating insight into the changing West Midlands through photograph packed books including Birmingham in the 70s and 80s, Birmingham Shops and Birmingham at War amongst a huge selection.

A typical page from one of the books is shown below, reproduced from:


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