Birmingham in Pictures VIII

After my last Birmingham in Pictures post, Birmingham in Pictures VII, where I noted an influential New York Travel magazine had extolled the virtues of Birmingham, it now seems the world has caught on with recent reports that Birmingham is 'fastest growing destination' as it attracts record numbers for Christmas.

Bookings for Birmingham have increased by 118 per cent for the Christmas and New Year period, according to the booking agent Expedia.
The latest figures show the city is the most popular option for Britons staying in the UK, and the fastest growing anywhere in the world.
Sydney (93 per cent) is in second place in terms of growth, with Southern Hemisphere sunshine and Ashes cricket piquing travellers’ interest.

Birmingham's growing popularity has seen a 24% increase in bookings to Birmingham's hotels over the past four months according to LateRooms.com

It seems that the rest of the world and maybe the rest of the UK are recognising what Brummies have always known - the city is amazing.  The Frankfurt German market recently featured in the Independent and I, as a great place to visit during the festive season and the only three month old Library of Birmingham continues to attract visitors both as a learning facility but also as a bold statement on the new(er) Birmingham.

With these attractions and the reputation for being a foodie paradise, not least with the most Michelin starred restaurants outside of London and diverse restaurants with food from across the globe, perhaps the question is why's it taken so long for people to get here.  That should even be answered soon with the planned High Speed Rail extension HS2 allowing Londoners to reach Birmingham in a little over 45 minutes.

So, here's five more pictures to show the diverse and amazing city Birmingham is.


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