New Street reflects - June 2014 construction update

Anyone who has walked past New Street Station in the past few days might have noticed a few more reflections as the stainless steel cladding has started to extend along Hill Street, adjacent to the new John Lewis store, and also at the 'eye' entrance on Stephenson Street.  With the cladding now extending and work continuing around the spanish steps entrance the site continues to be visibly a hive of activity aside from all the work that continues hidden from view on the former concourse. 

The Bullring Link extending from the Bullring to New Street Station has been temporarily closed. More details can be found on the New Street New Start website:

The following pictures show the site and the construction works taking place.

The pictures below were taken from the rotunda at the recent Birmingham Architecture Festival 2014, the Skyline event and show the scale of the station and the complex work involved in constructing the new atrium roof and the covering of the void facing the Bullring to create a new public space.  The first picture is my Sketch the Skyline drawing of the view over the station.

The following photos show the steel cladding being extended and work around the station site.


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