Backstage pass

The weekend of 19 and 20 March saw a festival of photography with Capture Birmingham, coinciding with The Photography Show at the NEC, opening up a city wide celebration of photography.  The weekend saw a number of events, Instagram meet-ups, exhibitions and the chance to enjoy the city's rich photography history and the city itself as a perfect subject. 

Birmingham is now home to an internationally significant collection of photography and through events such as The Photography Show and now Capture Birmingham, it has steadily become recognised as a national and international hub for cutting edge photographic activity.  Local organisations such as Birmingham Open Media, Vivid, the Ikon Gallery, Frame, Some Cities and GRAIN work to support local photographers, to promote engagement with the medium and to promote and present their work both in and beyond the city.  At the same time Birmingham City University attracts students from around the world and prepares them to become the next generation of photographers, who will maintain and advance the reputation of Birmingham as the City of Photography.

On the 19 March I was lucky enough to explore the New Alexandra Theatre, constructed in 1901, and enjoy much of the original Edwardian fabric alongside beautiful 1930s art deco features.

The following photos, taken with my camera phone, are a selection of my photos from one of the tours.  The theatre has a rich history and offers a beautiful home to touring productions and a rich part of Birmingham's theatrical history.


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