Skating on - former ice rink gives way to new homes

Redevelopment of the former Silver Blades ice rink site, adjacent to the Wholesale Markets and Arcadian centre, is now well underway as a second crane is to be erected at the site.

Redevelopment of the site to create an 11 storey block with 224 one and two bedroom apartments and retail space was approved in 2015.

The proposals comprise three wings in a ‘H’ shape to front Pershore Street and Dean Street and contain 266 one-bedroom and 68 two-bedroom flats.

The following images show what the development should look like, reproduced from the planning application by Bouygues Development who are developing student accommodation on Bath Row,

The site saw earlier redevelopment proposals with a design approved in 2008 which was to have rebuilt the ice rink with residential units above,

In 2010 the ice rink was reinstated with the regeneration of the building, which had suffered a severe fire in 2003, as Leisure Box before it closed permanently in 2014,

The pictures below show the site with one crane in operation and a second ready to be built with foundation works only visible at present.


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