Start of the line

In January 2010 I blogged on Chiltern Railways plan to reconnect Platforms 3 and 4 at Moor Street Station alongside it's Evergreen project with improvements in the Oxford area allowing for reduced journey times between Birmingham and London; Evergreen Moor Street.

December 11th 2010 saw the opening of these revamped plaforms which open for the first time since 1987. The reopening of the two platforms provides four platforms for Moor Street, doubling the stations capacity. The planned completion date for the whole Chiltern Mainline project is May 2011 when journey times will be reduced to 90 mins from Moor Street to Marylebone.

The new fast service, which will see journeys reduced from almost two hours to 100 minutes, will be available all day every day, with trains travelling up to 100 miles per hour;

Meanwhile a planning application has been submitted for screens and loudspeakers for the new platforms which will be painted Great Western Railway brown to blend in with the Edwardian design.


Listed building consent for new internal platform signage, information screens CCTV and fire alarm call points


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