Greening Eastside on a budget - Eastside Park II

Almost a year ago I noted that Building Design reported on the outline planning approval for Eastside Park in Birmingham, Greening Eastside - Eastside Park.

The park which will run from Park Street adjacent to the City Park Gate development along the front of Millennium Point down to the Digbeth Branch Canal and next to the Eastside Locks development.

The earlier design, shown above, by London-based architects Patel Taylor in association with French designer Allain Provost was disliked by local landowners who complained it did not connect well with the rest of Eastside. The dislike of local landowners and the failure of the City Council to win a £25 million from the National Lottery’s ‘Living Landmarks’ fund meant the park fell out of fashion since the vision was first announced by Coun Whitby in December 2006.

On the 7th May Coun Whitby announced a scaled down version of the original design costing £11m featuring formal gardens, water features and areas for events.

Featuring recreational space, formal gardens, water features and areas for special events, the park will stretch from Moor Street Station to Eastside Locks, passing between Millennium Point and the main Birmingham to London rail line. The council intends to fund the entire cost of the project.Coun Whitby said: “The new park will provide a cornerstone for the wider regeneration of Eastside, a key element of the Big City Plan, encouraging more people to live, work and enjoy both the area and wider city.

Indicative images of the new design are shown below. Work is expected to begin on the new park subject to approval early 2010.

Talks will now continue with local businesses, councillors and partners with a view to presenting a full business case to the council later in the year. Work on the 3ha park could start in early 2010, the council said.


Anonymous said…
I have been taking many photographs around Eastside during October 2009.

I have posted many of them here.

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