Moseley motors out motorcar

Moseley residents got the chance to see how Moseley village centre would look with the removal of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and barriers at a meeting of the Moseley Forum on 12th May.

Street and urban design firm Hamilton-Baillie Associates was commissioned by the Moseley Forum to come up with plans for 'shared space' for the village centre with the removal of barriers, road signs, bollards. The removal of the barriers between car and pedestrian would lead the street to become a self-regulated area, an idea which has been pioneered in Holland with some success and also trialed in Kensington in London.

The success of shared space schemes – also known as “naked street” – at slashing accident rates in Holland have led to UK councils introducing them in congested towns centres.
The scheme has been proposed as an alternative to the red route proposals for the A435 with the removal of lights and slowing of traffic leading to a greater flow of cars. The proposals would also allow the green spaces of the village centre to be expanded and provide more space for the farmers market and making the area more attractive and encourage trade.

The plans are not without their critics with city engineers concerned about being sued if an accident occurs.

Artists impressions of the proposals are reproduced from the Birmingham Mail below,


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