Science City Birmingham hosts 2010 British Science Festival

Birmingham will play host to the British Science Festival from September 14th to 19th; Nominations needed to find Birmingham's greatest science minds, British Science Festival entices Sue Townsend, Tony Robinson and Ben Goldacre to Midlands. The Annual Festival which showcases the latest developments in science technology and engineering will host up to 350 exhibitors and the City will play host to debates, talks and field trips attracting over 50,000 visitors.

Along with a discussion of the discoveries which have afforded transplant patients real hope and a “challenging” debate on the ethical issues surrounding transplant science, the Medical Research Council-hosted talk forms part of a 2010 Science Festival programme veering from the more lighthearted – Johnny Ball’s prize-laden Blood, Guts and Gore rumble, award-winning stand-up and former science teacher Shazia Mirza – to well-known small screen faces such as Professor Iain Stewart and Kate Bellingham.

It is fitting that Birmingham plays host to the festival with it's proud scientific history of science and engineering with luminaries such as James Watt and the steam engine through to the achievements of the University of Birmingham with it playing host to the synthesising of artificial vitamin C and inventing a device to produce microwaves while Aston University developed the world’s largest fibre laser.

Amorous science festival fixture The Science of Pulling heads to Birmingham’s new-look Mac, Canadian rapper and board-treader Baba Brinkman gives a Rap Guide to Evolution at The Electric Cinema, the University of Leicester’s Dr Sally Horrocks explains why the interwar years were vital in bringing down the cost of chocolate and Jaguar roll up to reveal the ingenuity behind the Land Rover.

The closing weekend also sees a two-day grand finale in the city’s Centenary Square, complete with molecules trails, minibeasts on day release from the zoo and maths buskers. With an expected audience of more than 50,000 visitors, the latter group could be in for a particularly lucrative haul.

More information on the festival can be found on the website:


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