New Street works continue

An artists impression of the south entrance.

Following my post on the 29th April, Next work at New Street calling at Platform One, work has continued, largely invisible from the passing public, while tenders for the works continue to be announced and awarded.

Work on demolishing Stephenson Tower, the 1960s residential block adjacent to the station, will commence in the next month. The interior has been stripped ready for the tower to be clad in scaffolding and plastic to protect the public from dust while demolition is carried out using cranes with block-breaking attachments. The contract to demolish the tower, WP2001, was awarded to Keltbray.

Meanwhile another contract, WP8000 Navigation Street Bridge D&B Works, to design, construct and install section of pedestrian walkway over railway has been awarded to Volker Fitzpatrick Limited.

Part of the existing Navigation Street footbridge will be removed and replaced by a new enhanced section.
This new section will extend to Hill Street and provide a new entrance to the station. In addition the footbridge will be modified so as to connect to both platforms 1 and 12 (these are not currently accessible off the existing footbridge).
Network Rail CP4 - New Street Station

Works on lifting and installing this bridge is scheduled during a Christmas blocade in 2010, New Street project 'blown away' by design .

Away from the public's gaze work started in April to remove 7,500 tonnes of concrete from the car park adjacent to the station to create the new concourse. The space for the new concourse is created by extending the concourse into the area currently occupied by the lowest two NCP car park levels and will open as the new concourse as Phase 1 of the overall project in 2012, Network Rail CP4 - New Street Station.

Diamond tipped saws and concrete brock machines have been used to cut up and remove the floor of the old car park with over 1000 pieces of concrete, some weighing upto 10 tonnes to be removed.

A photo showing works on removing the car park level courtessy of Network Rail, reproduced from

Some pictures showing the entrance to the car park where works are taking place from the 25th July 2010.

A timeline of works is shown below:

2. April 2010: Construction begins, the first platform is refurbished and the new concourse is created in the old NCP car park

3. 2011 - Work to clad the station in its reflective steel facade begins

4. 2012: Phase 1 completes. The new station concourse opens for passengers and work switches to transform the existing station concourse


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