Opening up and coming down - New Street Station June update

Work has started on the removal of old retail units in the centre of the Pallasades shopping centre allowing demolition experts Coleman & Co to start removing 20,000 tonnes of concrete and dismantle the roof above to create the new atrium above what will be the new station concourse; Work begins on Birmingham New Street’s atrium, LET THERE BE LIGHT.

The roof above the Pallasades shopping centre

From Birmingham Central

Hoardings are being erected around the old retail units to allow the work to take place while the shopping centre and station remain open. Steelwork for the atrium roof will start to be erected later this year with the atrium being as high as eight double decker buses and being approximately 100 x 50 metres big.

At 3,300 square metres, the new atrium will cover an area 13 times the size of the centre court at Wimbledon. Lightweight, self cleaning ETFE will be used instead of glass in the roof structure. The atrium will open alongside a completed New Street station in 2015.

Meanwhile work on the deconstruction of Stephenson Tower by contractors Keltbray to make way for the new John Lewis store has reached the full shrouding of the tower in scaffolding. Photos showing the scaffolding and shrouding of the tower from the 16th June, 24th June and 27th June are shown below.

16th June

24th June

27th June

As work moves on and progress is made on the redevelopment, contracts for work are continuing to be awarded as listed below. With over 20 contracts still to be awarded and a large number of companies involved locally and internationally the scale of the project is very apparent. Some of the keu contracts awarded to June 2011 for the project are reproduced below from Network Rail,

WP2000: Deconstruct Major (Atrium)
Deconstruction of concrete slab at shopping centre and roof level to create void for atrium.
Contract Awarded to: Coleman & Co Ltd

WP2001: Demolish Stephenson’s Tower
Deconstruction of residential tower including supporting columns and car parking area.
Contract Awarded to: Keltbray Ltd

WP2400: Structural Frames
Construction of concrete slabs, lift shafts, escalator pits and opening through concourse slab for escalators including associated finishes.
Contract Awarded to: John Doyle Construction

WP2070: Moor Street Link
Construction of a Structural Steel & vehicular ramp adjacent to live railway infrastructure.
Contract Awarded to: Birse Rail

WP2080: Platform 12 (plus EV Infil - Part)
Removal of waiting rooms, stairs, escalators and associated structures. Removal of existing services from platform. Piling for stair, lift and escalator foundations.
Replacement copers, paving and floor finishes. Alterations and modifications to existing drainage for new foul and surface water drains. Construction of stair, lift and escalator foundation and ramp construction. Temporary signage. New Structures and finishes (Platform 12 only)
Contract Awarded to: Volker Fitzpatrick Limited

WP3211: External Fa├žade (FOA)
20,000m2 External Stainless Steel rain screen/facade
Contract Awarded to: Martifer Construcoes Metalomecanicas S.A

WP3214: Atrium Glazing and Steelwork (FOA)
Construction of atrium, including glazing and associated waterproofing.
Contract Awarded to: Vector Foiltec

WP3700: Brick/blockworks (excluding Platforms)
Brick and block work to concourse and retail areas.
Contract Awarded to: Irvine Whitlock

WP7400: Lifts
Supply and installation of approximately 27no passenger and good lift
Contract Awarded to: OTIS Ltd

WP7450: Escalators
Supply and installation of approximately 37no escalators
Contract Awarded to: Stannah

WP8000: Navigation Street Bridge D&B Works
Design, Construct and Install section of Pedestrian walkway over railway
Contract Awarded to: Volker Fitzpatrick Limited

With the planning application submitted for the proposed John Lewis store as part of the redeveloped Pallasades Shopping Centre, Public requests John Lewis station stop, planners have raised concern over parking with the number of visitors the store will attract,
Planners must end traffic congestion around New Street station Birmingham. With problems already with traffic queuing along Smallbrook Queensway towards the station there are concerns over car parking, taxi ranks and passenger pick-up points.


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