Spiceal Street Bullring August Update I

Here is an update on the Spiceal Street development from August 15th. Meanwhile the planning application for the tree artwork, Spinning spiceal surprise, will go before the Planning Committee on the 25th August. Since the plans were proposed the siting of the structure has been revised to replace a London Plan tree in poor condition, 4.9m to the south east.

The committee have also been reassured by the spiral etching detail on the trunk that it will not be a 'lamppost' appearance but will be a contemporary piece of art relating well to it's surroundings.

With work on the units progressing it was also announced recently that ChaoBaby will take the unit near to Jamie's Italian. The new restaurant will offer Thai banquet style experience across two levels with an open kitchen to view food being prepared and a jelly fish tank to add to the decor.


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