Spinning spiceal surprise

Following my earlier update, Spiceal Street Bullring July Update, on the Spiceal Street development at the Bullring a new planning application, 2011/04345/PA, has been submitted for a piece of public art sitting nearby designed by Wolfgang Buttress.

The 13.5 metre high sculpture is due to be completed alongside the completion of Spiceal Street in November 2011. The sculpture has been inspired by the clearing of trees from nearby St Martin's in the Bull Ring and the visual representation of the sound of falling trees. It also reflects on the former Shell Cafe and the sculpture will reuse copper from the cafe together with reflecting the Fibonacci sequence which inspired the design of the shell cafe and which is found in natural patterns such as the growth of a pine cone. The sculpture in height and design similar to the stature of a tree will represent these influences.

The sculpture will in representing a tree have a tapering trunk constructed from glass blasted stainless steel starting with a base 45cm in width. The spiral will be composed of a series of projecting, individually riveted T shaped sections of varying widths, depending on their length from the core.

Images of the proposed sculpture are reproduced from the planning application below.


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