Sounding the changes - Bramall Music Building Open

June 10 Saw the Bramall Music Building at the University of Birmingham open, It''s dome, sweet dome for venuebirmingham's new £18m venue, ahead of it's official opening in November.  The official launch will start a two week Festival of Music from November 25 to December 8, What's on at the Bramall Music Building, which will see the new building's 450 seat Elgar Concert Hall showcase it's acoustics which have been modelled on Birmingham's Symphony Hall, regarded as a world-leader in acoustic design.

The following pictures show the building nearing completion on 29 August and it's finished state on 6 October.

29 August, including the repaved and redesigned square adjacent to University Centre and Staff House.

6 October


Mark Rowan said…
It looks beautiful inside, and a real asset to the University, but it's a shame they couldn't find the extra few £1000s to add the finishing touches to the outside of the building.

All the surrounding domes have cornicing, small spires on top of the domes, and frescoes, but the Bramall building lacks these and just looks like a cheap, unfinished imitation from the outside.

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