Smoke free Brum?

The Birmingham Mail has reported on Birmingham City Councillors wanting Government approval to allow trials of no-smoking zones in the city; Smokers face street ban in Birmingham.

The ban on smoking in public buildings will be extended on to the streets within the zones, and run in the same way that alcohol restricted areas are operated in many neighbourhoods.

The controversial move is planned by the city’s public protection committee and could ultimately lead to Birmingham becoming the country’s first smoke-free city

The move would help the city reduce adult smoking rates and help to prevent teenagers from trying smoking.

Among other proposals councillors are thinking about is banning tobacco advertising.

But the move had been attacked by the city's pubs and restaurants, already feeling the effect of the smoking ban in buildings.

Manager of Broad Street Mike Olley said: “Pubs and clubs are still recoiling from the ban and the down turn in trade.

“Anyone would agree the environment in pubs is better now, but it is a bit soon to be talking of such things.


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