Big City Plan - Big Complicated Publication?

The Big City Plan isn't the big complicated publication it was launched as as Birmingham's blogging community has stepped up to the mark and helped translate the Big City Plan into more plain english language at

The site describes itself as the "unofficial ‘plain English‘ version of the Big City Plan ‘Work in Progress’ document that Birmingham City Council are asking people’s opinions on".

The site was developed by a group of volunteers from Birmingham Bloggers' Group with the aim of helping each other and everyone else to understand the Big City Plan.

With less than twenty days to comment, the plain english version can't come soon enough though it remains to be seen how many of the people the plan will affect will benefit from even this noble effort.

Despite concern that the Plan needs to break out of the bureaucratic council language and ownership of the city and permeate every part of the citizens of Birmingham's lives the plan has not made the noticeable impact it needs to.
How many of the various communities that make Birmingham so diverse will be involved and will have had their say.

The council's Big City Plan consultation portal to make comments can be accessed at:


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