Heathrow Terminal 6 - Birmingham International?

My earlier blog post on the announcement of Heathrow Runway Three and the High Speed route to Birmingham from Heathrow noted the discussion in the Birmingham Post of a link between Heathrow and Birmingham International Airport and the benefits this would bring, High Speeding it out of Heathrow runway furore.

The 35 minute High Speed link to Heathrow rather than hitting Birmingham International Airport as The Birmingham Post headline suggests, Birmingham Heathrow high-speed link could hit BIA, would actually see Birmingham International act as a complimentary runway and airport to Heathrow.

Mr Hughes believes BIA and Heathrow must work together. He added: “This is positive news. If you think about how Heathrow and Gatwick work, an awful lot of people travel by bus between the two. We must not look parochially at this, there will be benefits for Birmingham Airport.” Mr Hughes said the 35-minute journey time between Heathrow and Birmingham would effectively make BIA “Heathrow’s third runway”.

With the announcement prior to Christmas that Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council planning sub-committee said they were minded to approve the application to extend Birmingham International's runway although defering the final decision until the New Year, Birmingham's extended runway and the greater scope for destinations could see Birmingham offer a supporting role to Heathrow and attract travellers who have previously needed to travel to Manchester Airport.


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