Bournville College to sweeten Longbridge

Architects Journal and Building report on Broadway Malyan seeks planning for £84m college at Longbridge, bringing Bournville College's three campuses into one site;

The planning application is shown below.

Application number

Date application received

Date application registered

Date application decided

Longbridge Lane, Site at Longbridge North, Longbridge, Birmingham,

Development of a college facility (Class D1), with associated landscaping, parking and access arrangement

Under consideration

Consultation details
Consultations Help

Start date

End date

The college is a key part of developer St Modwen's plans for the redevelopment of the former MG Rover car works site. The £750m plans will see a new town centre developed with the six-storey college located on Longbridge North and intended to be part of the heart of the regenerated 190ha site. The college will serve 15,000 further and higher education students and adult learners.

The new Bournville College will be housed in one building, comprising multiple distinct blocks interlinked around the central spine structure with a double-height atrium. A glazed tower will overlook the nearby River Rea, running overground for the first time since early last century.

Work started on clearing the site in October 2008 with construction scheduled to start in summer 2009. Preparatory works have included the construction of the realigned River Rea;

The £750m plans for Longbridge which have been proposed through four planning applications and reported on BBC News and Property Week in May 2008,, aim at creating a Longbridge Town Centre together with 2,000 homes, new public parks and the opening of the River Rea and Arrow, together with commercial development.

More information on the vision and plans for Longbridge can be found at

The plans are however not without challenges as the economic conditions and global downturn have delayed the development of the site and there has been criticism of the plans with challenges such as a potential increase in crime from a new mixed housing estate, a proposed supermarket being too big, and concerns on the architectural design of many of buildings being raised;


Dr Jaymz said…
Now that this is mostly completed from the outside, I have to say it is easily the most ugly building ever made by man in the history of the human race. The colours do not match, there is no consistency in the application of panels, the gold part on the side looks really ugly to the point where it turns your stomach. We have to look at it every day because we are in the innovation centre over the road.

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