Birmingham fair trade boost from Cadbury

The Birmingham Post has reported on production starting of Cadbury's Fairtrade Dairy Milk bars at Bournville, the first mass market chocolate to gain certification from the Fairtrade Foundation; Cadbury MD Trevor Bond delighted with Fairtrade status. The Bournville based Cadbury will triple the volume of Fairtrade cocoa being bought from Ghana and expects to boost UK Fairtrade sales by 25 per cent.

9,000 bars are churned out every hour putting 300 millions bars on shopkeepers shelves every year.

The move will expand the reach and impact of Fairtrade with Cadbury Dairy Milk bars available throughout the UK spreading the appeal of Fairtrade but importantly supporting sustainable trade and development.


Connor Penman said…
It’s great to hear that Cadbury’s move to Fairtrade will have such a positive impact on both the cocoa farmers in Ghana and the local Bournville economy.

Fair trade may not be the solution to end poverty in the developing world, but it certainly has done more than alternative ideas or movements. Unfortunately, the credit crisis has adversely affected the fair trade movement. Just like businesses in the North, fair trade businesses in the developing world need access to fair financing for such things as overcoming temporary shortfalls in cash flow or term loans for capital equipment.

Unfortunately there are few (if any) financing options available and as a result we are starting to see seemingly vibrant fair trade businesses beginning to fail.

Shared Interest is a co-operative lending society and world’s only 100% fair trade lender that aims to reduce poverty in the world by providing fair and just financial services. We work with fair trade businesses all over the world, both producers and buyers, providing credit to help them trade and develop. If you would like to learn how you can invest in fair trade, I would like to encourage you to visit our website or send me an email.

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