An electric pause to Gay Village improvements

Midlands Zone magazine has reported on delays to the planned Gay Village improvement works, Brum Gay Village improvements put on hold, as discussed in my earlier post Creating a vibrant gay village.

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The Zone has reported that the recently approved plans, due to begin this month, have been delayed due to the utilities companies involved failing to confirm when they'll be able to re-route underground cabling and piping for gas, electricity, telephones and cable TV for the semi-mature trees being planted as part of the plans.

As I reported from my earlier post, the Council report before Cabinet on the plans noted that one of the risks contained in the risk assessment for the project was the dependency on other projects and activities. The risk, which was classified as medium, was that statutory undertakers (BT and National Grid) would be required to relocate their equipment to plan the proposed trees in Hurst Street.

Commenting on the delay, Gary Woodward, Principal Planning Officer for City Centre Development, said: “It’s really frustrating for everybody that we’ve got this hold-up. If the improvements didn’t involve planting lots of new trees, everything would be easy, but the trees make the question of utilities a lot trickier. We’ve been in communication with the Gay Village Development Group, and we’re pretty much agreed that we all want to get this right, so if we have to wait for a few extra weeks before beginning work, so be it.”


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