Crowning plan to turn Methodist hall to apartments

The Birmingham Mail has reported on a plan by Leicester based firm, The Developments Factory, to develop the Edwardian Methodist Central Hall on Corporation Street into an open-plan office complex and housing scheme;

The plan however relies on an extra storey being added on the building's northern edge, which has been criticised by Birmingham's Conservation Panel and by Andy Foster of the Society of Ancient Buildings.

Mr Roberts said the extra floor had been scaled down from two extra storeys but it was essential for the development to go ahead. Earlier plans for 85 apartments fell through due to a combination of the collapse in the market for city apartments and the building’s Grade II* preservation order, which adds to the cost of renovation and restoration.

The Conservation Panel has already won it's argument against balconies in the main auditorium which would have hidden the room's dominating galleries and pillars. The additional floor however challenges the need to ensure the building is maintained and reused against preserving a beautiful example of Birmingham's rich terracotta and brick buildings.


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