Massing for Magistrates' Court

Work is set to begin on the new Birmingham Magistrates' court in March with a planning application submitted to move the Masshouse development Sales & Marketing Suite from the plot where the court will be built. The new Court received it's planning approval in December 2008 with work expected to start in March 2010 as reported in my July 2009 post, Courts land deal signed.

The application, listed below, is for the sales and marketing suite on Plot site 3 where the new Courts are to be constructed to be moved as access is required for construction from the 1st March 2010. Masshouse Developments Limited are required to be fully clear of their site by the 28th February for work to commence.


Plot 7 Masshouse land at Dale End Priory Queensway / Moor Street / Chapel Street Birmingham

Relocation of Sales & Marketing Suite from Plot 3 to Plot 7 Masshouse for a 2-year period

The application is for the sales and marketing suite to move to Plot 7 which is currently a car park temporarily until the work on Block M is completed with associated residential sales estimated for January 2012.

More information on the new Magistrates' Court is in my earlier posts, Full confidence in new builds.


Natalie said…
Wow! That looks amazing, and certainly an improvement of the old court. But what about the Crown Court across the street?

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