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Following my earlier post, Network Rail CP4 Delivery Plan delivering for West Midlands, following Network Rail publishing it's CP4 Delivery Plan, there was some interesting information noted in relation to New Street Station in the Enhancements programme: statement of scope, outputsand milestones.

The following details are excerpted from Network Rail CP4 Delivery Plan Enhancements programme: statement of scope, outputs and milestones,

The document follows the announcement that Birmingham City Council has bought the Pallasades from Warner Estate Holdings for £91 million. The purchase should allow the first work to begin, Deconstructing starts Birmingham New Street redevelopment, that of the demolition of part of the car park. That demolition will allow for the extension of the concourse into the area currently occupied by the lowest two NCP car park levels.

Birmingham New Street Gateway Project

Network Rail’s obligation
Our obligation is to deliver the scope of works
described below.

Scope of works
Platform level
The work generally comprises of the removal of all platform accommodation, ramped areas to the West and enclosures. Passenger
movements both for access and escape are enhanced by the introduction of new and additional standard escalators, lifts and staircases to platforms.
Seven new train dispatch rooms are to be constructed to accommodate platform level staff.

Passive provision is made for the widening of platform 8/9.

Concourse level
The works comprise of the enlargement of the existing concourse and dispersal bridge to cater for increased passenger demand, with associated requirements for additional dwell space, customer
information systems and other facilities. The additional space is created by extending the concourse into the area currently occupied by the lowest two NCP car park levels.

Existing staircases and escalators are to be removed.
In their place are new vertical circulation cores down to platform level. New entrances to the concourse are created on the northern, southern and eastern elevations.

A new control room / Network Rail customer reception is to
be constructed.
Additional retail is provided on the eastern side in the form of a new two storey extension. The concourse areas are to provide amenity facilities such as toilets and a multi faith prayer room.

Rail specific accommodation is to be provided within the concourse area for the ticket office and Centro travel centre, Network Rail reception and a ‘Virgin’ First Class Lounge.

Public Information Systems are to be provided including a new departure board located on one side of the atrium.

Works to the North West entrance to the Pallasades include lifts, stairs and escalators to the Pallasades level.

Off station works
TOC back of house accommodation is to be relocated away from the confines of the operational station.
The proposed location being within Ladywood House (part of the
Pallasades lease hold demise) this space being within the five minutes walk time provided for in the TOC franchises.

External works
The creation of a new North West entrance to the shopping centre will require some external works to be undertaken.
The new walkway (also required to accommodate via a controlled means of access BTP, service and maintenance vehicles) adjacent to the Odeon site will provide connection routes through to both the northern and eastern elevations and the city generally.

Queens Drive is retained on its current alignment but the slab is to be extended to create a public space and a taxi drop off/pick up area. A canopy for the taxi drop off area is to be provided.

Within the station site a new walkway will provide a route from the proposed northern station entrance to the proposed southern station entrance and on to the southern part of the city.

A new short term parking facility is to be created utilising part of the existing NCP lower level car park. At the concourse level a through route will provide drop off / pick up facilities. It is envisaged that the existing alignment and connections at both Navigation Street and Hill Street will be incorporated into this facility.

Part of the existing Navigation Street footbridge will be removed and replaced by a new enhanced section.
This new section will extend to Hill Street and provide a new entrance to the station. In addition the footbridge will be modified so as to connect to both platforms 1 and 12 (these are not currently accessible off the existing footbridge).

The high level objectives for the project have been agreed by the key funders, Advantage West Midlands, Birmingham City Council, DfT, Centro and Network Rail. The table below contains all the project objectives (including those funded by others):
Category: Transport (Rail)
High Level Objective: Provide sufficient passenger capacity to meet both short term and forecast longer term needs.
Improve passenger facilities
and the environment within the station.
Installation of ticket barriers.
Improve the overall manageability of the station.

Category: Transport (Multi-Modal)
High Level Objective: Improve access to/from/in the station for all users.
Improve the interchange capability within the station and between transport nodes.
Improve pedestrian access routes to/from/across the City.

Category: City & Regional Regeneration
High Level Objective: Transform the appearance of a major civic amenity and its environs to improve perceptions and stimulate confidence through creating an appropriate gateway to the region.
Improve the urban environment and develop the public realm to catalyse the development and take up of new high quality office space in the city core, resulting in new jobs, and resulting productivity gains.
Create a major private sector commercial development to the southern aspect.
Strategic added value benefits to the city, including initiatives in sustainable development, skills development and training, and information and communication technologies.

Category: Commercial
High Level Objective: Maximise commercial value of the scheme.
Stimulate the successful re-development of Pallasades shopping centre/car-park.
Improve access to
commercial facilities for all users.

Significant interfaces
• Sleeperz Hotel: independent commercial development;
• re-signalling: scheduled to occur after Gateway but, subject to transfer of funding, may provide passive provision and deliver containment systems within Gateway project;
• Centro project linking to Moor Street in Stephenson Street / Stephenson Place directly fronting onto station; and
• potential service diversions in the highways along the proposed Metro route to and past the station.

Activities and milestones
(Activity - Output - Date)
• Complete GRIP 5 Scheme - signed off by funders - Q4 2009
• Public local inquiry - Statutory process - Q1 2009
• Commence enabling works - Visible works start - Q4 2009
• Land transfer to Network Rail - Land available to start works on non Network Rail land - Q1 2010
• Start phase 1 (west) - Start main works - Q1 2010
• Complete phase 1 (west) - 50 per cent of new station complete - Q4 2012
• Start phase 2 (east) - Q1 2013
• Complete phase 2 (East)- Main concourse open for use by passengers - Q1 2015

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