Edgbaston Mill Clears way for hotel

Work has started on the Edgbaston Mill site adjacent to Edgbaston Cricket Ground with the clearing of the site in preparation for construction work, Edgbaston Cricket Ground redevelopment - April update II.

A Four-star Hilton Doubletree hotel to open at Edgbaston Mill which will have 200 bedrooms while there will also be a health club and spa, two restaurans and a coffee shop.

The plan and indicative images below show the proposed development.

Photos from the 24th September showing the site being cleared.

Photos of the site from the 1st October showing the cleared site and the context of the redeveloped Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Hemisphere housing development and new Aldi together with the car park of Edgbaston Cricket Ground where housing is planned.


Anonymous said…
What is happening with this development? The site has been cleared, but no work appears to be taking place.

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