New Street Station - January 2013 Update C

In my previous update on the redevelopment of New Street Station, New Street Station - January 2013 Update B, I posted an update including pictures of progress.  Work is nearing completion on the first phase of the redevelopment which will see the first half of the new concourse open in April 2013.

Attention turned to the multi-story car park next door. The bottom floor of that was on the same level as the existing concourse, and it occupied a larger area. Plans were developed to turn the car park into a brand new concourse, and then switching passengers from the old one to the new one. The old concourse would itself be refurbished, and then the intervening wall removed to join both spaces up into one much larger area.

With the opening of the first phase in April, work will effectively be finished on this half by March 2013 to allow time for staff training and retail unit fit-out.  Away from the visible external changes, such as the extension of the steel cladding alongside Stephenson Street, at platform level each platform is being refurbished in turn to remove redundant buildings, lay new platform surface and allow the installation of 36 new escalators and 15 lifts to the new concourse from platform level.

Upstairs in the concourse, the new spine is in. It was built by NG Bailey as pre- tested modules which were then hung from the ceiling and joined together. All the connections hang from the bottom, making future alterations simple and convenient.The walls and partitions for the retail units are going in. Interestingly, even the glass is being installed. This would normally be fitted later, but as the floor is likely to flex when weight is added, it is being done before the final screed is put down to avoid cracking. The screed itself will be made using a lightweight aggregate to keep loading to a minimum.

A series of public exhibitions will take place ahead of the switchover of concourses with the first held between 7am and 7pm on January 15 - 17.  The exhibitions will help answer changeover questions and address concerns for users of the station.

John Lamb, from the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, said businesses near to the station were prepared to put up with the "disruption".He said: "Generally I haven't heard a negative word said about it. Most people I know are relieved it's being improved.
"The work's been carefully planned for years and they seem to have done a fantastic job."
This week's exhibitions, the first of a series at the station, will allow passengers to pick up information and and ask questions about how the changes will affect them.

Pictures showing the planned switchover, from the exhibition, and the accompanying leaflet are shown below.  The information leaflet, reproduced from, is available on the newstreetnewstart website alongside further information on progress.

Work has also moved forward on jobs being created once the rising steelwork of the new John Lewis store is complete with the announcement that John Lewis to create 1,000 Birmingham jobs.  The department store has signed a Jobs and Skills Charter with Birmingham City Council and Network Rail to create more than 1,000 new jobs for local people.  

By signing the charter, John Lewis has committed to making these jobs accessible to local people, including those who are young and unemployed.Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, commented: “Our aim as an employer is to reflect the community in which we trade and I am delighted to sign this charter, which underlines our commitment to providing local jobs for local people.
“We want to ensure that the opportunities created by the new Grand Central development are accessible to all and benefit Birmingham and we look forward to welcoming new partners into our business.”
As part of the charter, John Lewis and Network Rail will make skills, training and access their central concerns and will work with local colleges, universities and training providers as well as nationwide organisations such as Jobcentre Plus, the Skills Funding Agency and the National Apprenticeship Service.

The following pictures show the works around the station on 19 January 2013 with planning images to compare to what the finished station should look like.

Moor Street Link, due to open alongside the new concourse in April.

And the view from the other side, on Stephenson Street, looking through the former Newt pub towards the walkway link to Moor Street station.

Stephenson Street, steel cladding, and the new corner entrance.

John Lewis Store steelwork being erected.

New street level entrances to the concourse on Stephenson Street

A look across the railway voids towards the current Smallbrook Queensway entrance which will close in April 2013. 


Luke Thomas said…
Having recently moved abroad, this is my only source of good, regularly updated news on the development at New Street - keep up the great work! The model of the new phase I interior is interesting - looks like it could be a small space for an awful lot of traffic...

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