Birmingham best business environment in Europe

The Birmingham Post reports on the 16th June that European entrepreneurs name Birmingham best city.

This comes a week after the announcement that the 2008 Mercer Report ranks Birmingham as 56th globally on quality of life index, one of only three UK cities included (Best in England for Expatriate Living).

The European Cities Entrepreneurship Ranking (ECER) survey ranked Birmingham number one based on the views of 1,600 businesses across 11 European countries and also named Birmingham as one of the top three “most dynamic European cities” when it comes to encouraging entrepreneurship.

Birmingham has beaten London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin to be named the best business environment in Europe. Birmingham came top out of 21 cities surveyed for the economic environment, infrastructure and the quality of life provided.

The 1,600 businesses were interviewed to decide on the ranking from an initial sample of 80,000 businesses from 21 cities in 11 European countries. Birmingham's strengths were seen as the environment, it's ability to promote itself and efforts to change the city's image. The report also praised Birmingham's huge transformation from manufacturing to service based economy in the light of the changing political economy.

The ECER report said Birmingham had witnessed an amazing transformation over the past 30 years, giving birth to an 85 per cent service-based economy in change more rapid than the national economy.

It said Birmingham had successfully built an attractive city for business with an urban regeneration policy after the industrial crisis in the seventies and eighties; an attractive and active policy for entrepreneurship and business development; and an innovative and strategic approach in the United Kingdom.


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