City Council's Starring Achievement

The Birmingham Post reports that Council climbs from one of the worst to one of the best in a report which will be presented to Birmingham City Council's cabinet next week.

The monitoring report for the financial year 2007/08 shows that the council has met almost all of the Ministerial targets and also 68 per cent of performance targets set locally. The report also supports the Audit commission's award of three stars and an 'improving well' ranking in its 2007 Comprehensive Performance Assessment.

The success means Birmingham will qualify for nearly £10 million in additional Government grants as a reward for improved performance and adds to the £2.5 million grant for achieving a 9.5 per cent reduction in accidental fires in homes and 16.5 per cent reduction in arson and the £2.6 million grant it received for reduced levels of litter and dirt in the streets.

Areas where the biggest improvements have been seen include:
Average re-let time for council homes.
Composting and recycling.
Direct payments to adults receiving social care.
Looked after children moved into permanent placements.
Action taken against domestic violence.

The success for the City Council, governed by a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, follows council tax rises of 1.9 per cent for each of the past three years which District Auditor John Gregory praised for providing value for money.

The performance, the best since the current inspection regime began, represents a remarkable recovery from the low-point of 2003 when social services and housing were ranked no-star failures by the Audit Commission and the council struggled to hit even half of the targets set by Whitehall.


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