Virgin Shuttle Service to bypass West Coast Mainline Closure

On the 3rd June Rail News reported Industry teams up to by-pass West Coast blockade following the move by Virgin Trains, Network Rail, EWS, Chiltern Railways and Bombardier to run trains from Euston to Birmingham International via the Chiltern route during the weekend closure of the West Coast Main Line at Rugby.

Virgin and freight train operator EWS wanted the work to be spread into 2009 to avoid some weekend disruption and to give more time for staff training, such as route learning. However, the ORR elected to keep to the planned timescale but warned Network Rail that it would closely monitor delivery of the work.

Virgin Trains has now put out a press release with further details, Virgin to run West Coast replacement shuttle train service.

The special service will operate hourly calling at Coventry and then running non-stop through Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire before reaching Euston viar a freight line. Due to the alternative route the journey will take an hour longer than usual.

The special service will operate for the first time on Saturday 28 June, and will then run on all days when the West Coast Main Line is closed in the Rugby/Milton Keynes area.

Northbound: The first train departs from London Euston at 09:00, calls at Coventry at 11:15, and arrives at Birmingham International at 11:28. Trains then run hourly until the 20:00 departure from London Euston.

Southbound: The first train departs from Birmingham International at 09:45, departs from Coventry at 09:56, and arrives at London Euston at 12:10.
Trains then run hourly until the 17:45 departure from Birmingham International.

The line to and from London Euston will be open until 10:00 on most Saturdays, with a frequent service operating via the normal route through Rugby until that time.$1227020$365260.htm


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