Completing Chancellors Court, 'completing our redbrick heart'

On April 16th I wrote about the University of Birmingham's plans, as reported in Construction News, on Completing Chancellors Court. The Construction News report outlined the University's plan to create a £15 million music centre to complete the Chancellors Court semi-circle.

As an alumnus of the University of Birmingham I receive a Newsletter regarding news about the University. In the May edition there is an article titled, 'Completing Our Redbrick Heart' which outlines the proposals and Vice-Chancellor Michael Sterling's ambitions to build a facility to 'reflect the University's past whilst looking to it's future' as it celebrates the centenary of it's official opening in June 2009.

The following artist's impression provides a prospective view of the block if it were to faithfully complete the semi-circle.

In the article it notes the plans to relocate the Music department into the new block, complimenting the Barber concert hall, with a 450 seat auditorium in the new dome together with rehersal and teaching space to maintain it's 5* research rating.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Sterling said.
Completing the Chancellor's Court semi-circle will enable us to provide better facilities for Music and for the University and further increase our national and international standing. It will also give us a wonderful opportunity to continue the pioneering work that Joseph Chamberlain started a century ago.

The article further notes that the University has agreed to the project in principle and is currently conducting an investment appraisal into the new building.


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